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Monthly Archives: April 2023

    How Changing Mortgage Rates Can Affect You

    By Emily Clayton | April 28, 2023

    The 30-year fixed mortgage rate has been bouncing between 6% and 7% this year. If you’ve been on the fence about whether to buy a home or not, it’s helpful to know exactly how a 1%, or even a 0.5%, mortgage rate shift affects your purchasing power. The chart below helps show the general relationship... Read More

    Real Estate Quote

    By Emily Clayton | April 27, 2023

    ⚜️ECRealEstateMS | Emily Clayton | EXIT New Door Realty 850-259-5455 | 601-488-3948 Read More

    The Power of Pre-Approval

    By Emily Clayton | April 26, 2023

    If you’re buying a home this spring, today’s housing market can feel like a challenge. With so few homes on the market right now, plus higher mortgage rates, it’s essential to have a firm grasp on your homebuying budget. You’ll also need a sense of determination to find the right house and act quickly when you go... Read More

    Myth or Fact?

    By Emily Clayton | April 25, 2023

    ⚜️ECRealEstateMS | Emily Clayton | EXIT New Door Realty 850-259-5455 | 601-488-3948 Read More

    Think Twice Before Waiting for Lower Home Prices

    By Emily Clayton | April 24, 2023

    As the housing market continues to change, you may be wondering where it’ll go from here. One factor you’re probably thinking about is home prices, which have come down a bit since they peaked last June. And you’ve likely heard something in the news or on social media about a price crash on the horizon.... Read More

    The Last Four Cottages at The Hamlet🏠

    By Emily Clayton | April 21, 2023

    We are down to the Final Four at The Hamlet. All available for sale or lease. Energy-efficient, low maintenance cottages with high-end finishes. Starting at $322,500 or $2500 lease. ⚜️ECRealEstateMS | Emily Clayton | EXIT New Door Realty850-259-5455 | 601-488-3948 Read More

    Thinking About a Vacation Home?

    By Emily Clayton | April 19, 2023

    You may be someone who looks forward to summer each year because it gives you an opportunity to rest, unwind, and enjoy more quality time with your loved ones. Now that summer is just around the corner, it’s worthwhile to start thinking about your plans and where you want to spend your vacations this year.... Read More

    Want To Sell Your House This Spring? Price It Right.

    By Emily Clayton | April 17, 2023

    Over the last year, the housing market’s gone through significant change. While it’s still a sellers’ market, homes that are priced right are selling, and they get the most attention from buyers right now. If you’re thinking of selling your house this spring, it’s important to lean on your expert real estate advisor when it comes to... Read More

    213 Grayson Place – For Sale or Lease

    By Emily Clayton | April 12, 2023

    213 Grayson Place at The Hamlet Located off of Spillway Road | Brandon 39047 4 bedroom | 2.5 bath | Home office | 2-car garage FOR SALE OR LEASE: $399,500 | $3300 LEASE This is our only 4BR plan available. Designed for low maintenance and ENERGY-EFFICIENCY with very low utility bills. Quaint, gated community. Click... Read More

    March Real Estate Market Updates for Brandon and Madison.

    By Emily Clayton | April 11, 2023

    March Real Estate Market Updates for Brandon and Madison. Things are looking up, Buyers. The number of new listings in Madison DOUBLED from February to March. The property update emails that I set up for my buyer clients are dinging like crazy. So Sellers, make sure you price your home appropriately due to increased competition.... Read More